How much does the examination cost?
See Charges page

I live on my boat – do I need a Gas Safe Registered examiner?
Yes you must get a Gas Safe Registered examiner to do your gas systems or you will need a bubble tester in the gas locker. I am Gas safe Registered, please check the Gas Safe card when the engineer arrives you are looking for LPG Boats on the back of the card.

What do I get for my money?
The examination fee includes the issuing of all paperwork required: Examination Report, Appliance Record & the Boat Safety Scheme Certificate (current price £34.80).

My boat is under 4 years old and has a ‘RCD’ & a ‘CE’ plate. Will I need a certificate?
You do not need a BSSER if your boat is under 4 years old as the manufacturer has built the craft to the standards set by the Recreational Craft Directive. Some sail-away boats will have an Annex IIIA which only is valid for 1 year. You will then need a BSSC.

Some items on the inspection are ‘advisory’. Can I still get a certificate if I do not comply with these?
Items that are advisory (such as ventilation, flues) will not stop you getting a certificate, but the certificate will have an endorsement showing the non-compliance and this may affect any insurance policy and/or claim that you may have in the future.

What happens if my boat fails the BSS Examination?
If your boat fails the examination you will get a detailed examination report indicating what it has failed on. You will then need to rectify faults and arrange a re-test (please see the section under Charges re-examination). Mark can offer advice on how to remedy problems.

My boat passed last time, so is it likely to pass again without a problem?
The BSS is always being reviewed to improve safety and because of this, some checks will inevitably be changed. Another reason for failure may be perishable items (eg. gas hoses) or end-of-life items (eg. fire extinguishers) that are no longer compliant.

Are there any common problems that I could check before the examination?
There are a few items that are regularly listed on failure reports such as corroded gas lockers, batteries not secure, cable between batteries and battery master switch is not 25sq.mm, gas pipe joints must be clipped 150mm each side, gas bottles not secured.

My Certificate is due to expire. Can I get the examination done early?
Certificates can be issued and post dated up to two months before the old one runs out.

My boat needs a retest how long do I have to get it sorted?  
You have 3 months to get the work done, after that date I will have to do a completely new examination.