Safety Horrors!


8.8.1 Are all LPG appliance burners in good condition and delivering a proper flame.
As we can see this one is not blue and will be giving us high levels of carbon-monoxide.


7.8.4 Are all LPG joints secure, in good condition and competently made.

The corrosion is due to washing up liquid being used for leak detection fluid.




8.10.2 Are all appliances flues and exhausts complete and in good condition.


This flue looked in really good condition the owner was shocked at how thin it had got and it looked fine.





7.2.1Is the cylinder locker, up to the level of the top of the cylinder valves or other high-presure components, free of any path for leaked LPG to enter the interior of the vessel.
This check item asks the examiner to check for corrosion of the gas locker to ensure the locker is sound. This one was fine when the corrosion was removed and painted. Many boats are like this and some boats sink from holes in the locker.