Boat Safety Scheme

The purpose of the BSS is to help minimise the risks to all visitors to the waterways and the waterways’ workforce, and to help protect adjacent property,

The remit of the BSS is only related to the condition, equipment and use of boats.

Navigation Authorities use to the BSS to help develop a set of national minimum legal safety requirements and to run an examination service to verify that each boat registered with the navigation authority meets the requirements.

This is the Boat Safety Scheme Examination and if the boat meets the requirements, it is a given a Boat Safety Scheme Certificate, which is valid for four years. Owners will receive a full BSS Certification report from the examiner either on a paper print out, or as a electronic file, or both if the owner wishes.

You can download all the technical requirements for your boat to pass the examination from the
bss essential guide

Extract from the BSS website.